Housing estates and high rise blocks have been neglected in the past few years.

Residents struggle with cold, uncomfortable draughts through continuously open air vents.

However, when air vents are blocked permanently, the lack of ventilation can cause damp problems and poor air quality in the living areas.

Airoom diagram.jpg

How it works

Airoom is an intelligent room vent that controls the air flow in the living area. It is designed to replace air bricks in the living area.

Its smart sensors monitor the environmental conditions and smart algorithms enable automatic air flow regulation. Beyond air temperature and humidity, the system also monitors indoor air quality, while taking into account local weather and external air quality data.

Airoom opens to improve indoor air quality in the living space, and closes to reduce heat loss and improve your comfort. The system uses AI and learns when you are at home to maximise efficiency.


Airoom’s appointed, certified installers are specialised in a range of hard to access installation solutions for high rise block, such as rope access, mast climbers, and mobile elevation working platforms. These methods provide a much more cost effective, less disruptive, quicker and statistically safer approach compared to scaffolding. Airoom’s installers are fully accredited to CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme).