AirEx selected as one of the Agile IoT winners!

We were lucky enough to be one of eight teams that have been selected to start their project with the Agile IoT Gateway.

During this funded project we will be working to integrate our vent units to agnostic gateways and IoT systems by porting our code to the Agile loT stack and developing standard APls using the Agile gateway. In the meantime, we will be undertaking continuous management and device updates using Agile Fleet Management, and also scoping possibilities of integration with other applications (particularly with smart home technologies).

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Article: Smart Ventilation to banish cold and damp

AirEx was developed based on the insights from tens of thousands of energy audits in social housing lead by our core team. Cold draughts and damp are an enormous problem in homes across the UK and the range of products to address these issues is limited. Low-cost interventions have already been deployed in most homes - such as loft-, or cavity wall insulation - whilst other solutions are expensive and disruptive. We spotted a huge untapped potential with a simple solution: selectively controlling air vents.
— Agnes Czako, AirEx Co-founder